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Sunday 24th April, 7pm onwards

We Spooners have a strong bond with the Jabulani Warriors from Umlazi. Jabulani is a Zulu word for happiness and they have filled our lives with laughter and love. They are our extended South African family. Family look out for each other. We're gonna help buy them a Khumbi. It's a big taxi thing and It will enable them to zoom mad about the place, helping them help their community. Houses will be built. Jobs will be easier accessed. Peoples lives will change in such a positive way, just with a big taxi thing. So, we're doing the aul running again. Your friendly neighbourhood Spooners are doing everything we can to pull together the cash for these wonderful people, a little bit of your help will make all the difference. Plus, our costumes this year are off the scale . . .

Please feel free to donate with the link below, much appreciated! . .
Please call to reserve a table on 0131 623 1752or email us at

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Enjoy our October edition of Spoon TV. Jam packed with spooky recipes & top 10 scary movies of all time! It's fun.

More news to follow soon . . .